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NAGY High Speed Airshipthe Ultimate Vehicle, with absolute 3D freedom


After the most extensive research into airship designs, I needed to find the way to pinpoint the problem that caused all rigid airship disasters. By comparing their technical data, to the BOEING 747, I had come to a stunning discovery:


Rigid airships were the biggest Engineering-Disasters and never learn from.

The BOEING 747’s body volume is 31,000 cubic feet; its weight is 150 Ton.

The Hindenburg’s body volume was 10 million cubic feet; its weight was only 200 Ton. 

If a BOEING 747 would be built as the HINDENBURG, it would weight only 0.7 Ton clearly proves that:


Rigid airships can not be built strong enough to be safe and to be Lighter-Than-Air.


NAGY High Speed Airship revolutionary design is THE ONLY WAY to construct safe, reliable, economical, airships. The ultimate Lighter-Than-Air hereafter LTA vehicles that can Vertically-Take-Off or Land hereafter VTOL capabilities that no other airship, aircraft or vehicle on Earth can equal, because:


1.      Its inflated structure is made of stronger-than-steel, rip-stop fabrics.
Guarantees: to have stronger-than-steel, indestructible body as well as the lightest.
Guarantees: to have the highest payload by volume of any airship, and to be Lighter-Than-Air.

2.      Its 64 independent helium chambers guarantees to have 100% safety.
The airship can not crash even if some of its chambers are get deflated.

3.      Its computer controlled helium recovery and pressurization system guarantees: rapid control of the helium volume and pressure, to eliminate pressure-heights, ballast and ground crew.

4.      By placing the passenger compartment into the center of the airship guarantees: to have the largest possible passenger compartment and makes it possible to land on water also

5.      Its large number of propulsion units that can be positioned to any point of a hemisphere:
Guarantees: to have absolute and rapid control of speed, direction, altitude, balance, and buoyancy and guarantees to have absolute 100% safety and absolute 3D freedom.


NAGY High Speed Airship represents: Science, Technology, Knowledge and Experience.




Contact: Imre Nagy     










 220 passengers Nagy High Speed Airship


Price: 240 million euro

Diameter:  18.5 m      Length: 120 m       Volume:  20400 mł       Propulsion units: 8

Passenger floor: 454 m˛           Speed 200 MPH = 320 Km/h        Range: 7000 km


Nagy High Speed Airships are the only vehicle can go to any place at any elevation on Earth, with

High speed can land on water, snow, or any land.

High Speed Airships are the ultimate instant high speed passenger and cargo transportation, 100% safe, can not crash, and nothing can stop it, no earthquake, any flood, any snow storm, or tornado.

High Speed Airships are much more economical, need no rail system, or any infrastructure, can land on any place at any elevation on Earth instantly, saving a lots of time and money by eliminating the time and costs of the high speed rail system and ground crew.

The High Speed Airship’s operating cost is only 1% of the High Speed Trains.




600 passengers Nagy High Speed Airship


Price: 500 million euro

Diameter: 120’ / 36 m          Length: 600’ / 180 m           Volume: 147120 mł             Propulsion units: 12

Passenger compartment has: 4 floors: 17680 SF / 1600 m˛ each floor,       the total floor of: 70,720 SF/ 6429 m˛

Speed: 200 MPH = 320 KM / H           Range:   7000 miles / 11200 km


·       The only Intercontinental High Speed Airship with absolute 100% safety and 100% comfort.

·       The ultimate 70,720 SF fully equipped emergency hospital for 1000 people.

·       The ultimate instant high speed passenger transportation: needs no Airport, no high speed rail  system, no ground crew, can go to any place on Earth at any elevation, can land on water also.



400 Ton external cargo High Speed Airship


Price: 600 million euro.

Diameter: 40 m     Length: 400 m     Volume: 440000 mł     Propulsion units: 14


Speed 200 mph = 320 km/h      Range: 7000 miles = 11200 km


·        The only forest and wild land firefighter vehicle that can control any fire with 445 Ton = 118,000 gallons of water in external containers, have quick refill from any open water: can slow down, or stop, above the fire, to have absolute control of the water, to put the right amount of water to the right place.


·        The ultimate cargo transportation vehicle can carry 400 Ton cargo or containers under the airship to any place on Earth. By taking the cargo from origin to destination, door to door, eliminates all extra shipping and handling time and costs. Need No Airport, No Runway, No Ground Crew, And No Infrastructure.


·       The ultimate continuously useable high altitude platform up to 20 km (less lift by altitude)



1000 Ton cargo Nagy High Speed Airship


Instant high speed transportation for external container cargo or oversize cargo.


Price: 800 million euro.

Diameter: 48 m      Length: 600 m              Volume: 1 million mł             Propulsion units: 20


Speed: 200 MPH              Range: 7000 miles = 11200 km


  • The ultimate intercontinental high speed cargo transportation can carry 1000 Ton of oversize cargo or containers all year long to any place at any elevation on Earth.


  • The ultimate high speed, safe transportation for, nuclear waste or hazardous materials or waste by flying over none populated areas.


  • The ultimate flying crane: can lift 1065 Ton of oversize cargo to any heights need no road, no preparation, eliminate all disturbances to public, and guarantees absolute control of timing and safety.


  • The ultimate Oil or Gas Pipeline builder vehicle can carry 1065 Ton of pipes with the length of 600 meter each, and by placing the pipes to finale place instantly, eliminate the need of extra machinery.


  • The ultimate Oil Exploration or Drilling vehicle can carry 1065 Ton of equipment or move drilling tower in one piece, to any place at any elevation on Earth, or to the middle of the ocean can save lots of time and money.


  • The ultimate High-rise construction vehicle by fly-in 1065 Ton = (23.4 million pounds)  of oversize cargo without disturbing city traffic, have absolute control of timing, and by carrying heavier, and larger, prefabricated structural elements without size limitation, can save lots of time and money.


  • The only continuously usable high altitude platform up to 20 km (less lift by altitude)